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by E-Computer Concepts 3 months ago

What is RMI ?

RMI ( Remote Method Invocation ) There are different approaches used for developing applications. The internet and the Web are examples of distrinuted systems that have been developed using the Client/Server approach. The transfer of...

by E-Computer Concepts 3 months ago

Java Beans

JavaBeans is the software component architecture for Java. It allows to efficiently constructing applications by configuring and connecting components called Beans. The Beans to be written and tested a rich set of mechanisms for interaction...

by E-Computer Concepts 3 months ago

JSP and Servlets

Introduction JavaServer Pages (JSP) are actually, text files that combine standard HTML and new scripting tags. JSPs look like HTML, but they get complied into Java Servlets the first time they are invoked. Java servlets are a key component...

by E-Computer Concepts 4 months ago

Types of Computer System

Computer come in many different sizes and ranges of power, and different types of computer systems have varying capabilities. Basically today’s computer systems fall into one of the following categories :- Super ComputersMainframe...

by E-Computer Concepts 4 months ago

What is Mail Merge?

Mail Merge is used to quickly create from letters, mailing labels, envelops, and catalogs by merging the information from two different files. Those two files are generally the Main Document and Data Source file. After creating those...