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The JDBC API can access any kind of tabular data, especially data stored in a Relational Database. It works on top of ODBC which was the driver for database connectivity since age old days but since ODBC was implemented in C so people...

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What is CORBA ?

CORBA stands for Common Object Request Broker Architecture. RMI, discussed in previous section with RMI is that, it needs the 2 objects participating in communication be written in Java CORBA is a distributed computing technology where...

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What is RMI ?

RMI ( Remote Method Invocation ) There are different approaches used for developing applications. The internet and the Web are examples of distrinuted systems that have been developed using the Client/Server approach. The transfer of...

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Java Beans

JavaBeans is the software component architecture for Java. It allows to efficiently constructing applications by configuring and connecting components called Beans. The Beans to be written and tested a rich set of mechanisms for interaction...

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JSP and Servlets

Introduction JavaServer Pages (JSP) are actually, text files that combine standard HTML and new scripting tags. JSPs look like HTML, but they get complied into Java Servlets the first time they are invoked. Java servlets are a key component...

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HTML JavaScript

A Script means a small piece of program which can add more interactivity to your website. For example, a script is used to generate a pop-up message or an alert box message; it may also provide a dropdown menu on the web page. This...

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What is Programming?

The set of instruction, which is given to computer to process the data or carry out a certain work, is called a program. Programming is a technique of writing a program using some programming language. The programming process is a set...

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Inheritance in Java

Inheritance is one of he cornerstones of object-oriented programming because it allows the creation of hierarchical classifications. using inheritance, you can create a general class that defines traits common to a set of related items. This...

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Data Types in Java

There are two kinds of data types in java:- Primitives/standard data types Abstract/derived data types Primitive Data Types Primitive data types (also know as standard data types) are the data types that are built into the...

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Variables in Java

When you learned algebraic equations in school, you used x and y to represent values in equations. Unlike pi which has a constant value of 3.14, the values of x any y are not constant in equations. Java provides constants and variables...