Oracle Startup Commands

by E-Computer Concepts September 26, 2019 at 1:25 pm

The syntax of the STARTUP command with its important options has been displayed:


FORCE : Used when a startup does not occur as a result of some kind of problem, you can use this option to abort the running instance and perform a normal startup.

RESTRICT : This option is used when you want only users who possess the

RESTRICTED SESSION : Privilege to access the database. This option can be used is you wish to perform some kind of maintenance on the database such as an export and import.

PFILE : PFILE=filename: this option starts up the database using the static non-default parameter file to startup the database.

OPEN : The instance will be created; database will be mounted and then opened for all the users. You can optionally specify the database name. This is the default option.

MOUNT : The instance will be created and the database mounted. The option can be used for performing certain maintenance tasks.

NOMOUNT : Only the instance is created. The SGA will be created in memory and the background processes will be started. You may have to use this option for certain operations such as when creating a database manually.

RECOVER : Used to perform media recovery when starting the database.

READ ONLY : Used to open the database for queries only. DML statements are not allowed in the database.

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