Ubuntu (pronounced as oo‑BOON‑too) is an open source operating system sponsored by Canonical Ltd. Primarily, this operating system was developed for personal computers (PCs) but later on, used in servers also. The word ‘Ubuntu’ is from the African Zulu language whose meaning is “humanity to others.” The Ubuntu desktop is very easy to use and easy to install.

Ubuntu Logo

It includes everything you need to use in your school, home or office. It’s also open source, secure, accessible, and free to download from its official website In this session, we will understand the installation requirement and installation procedure of Ubuntu desktop operating system using a bootable DVD drive or a USB flash drive.

Features of Ubuntu Linux

• Ubuntu is user‑friendly.
• Ubuntu is FOSS (free and open source software) operating system.
• Ubuntu can be downloaded from its official website
• It is more secure as compared to the Windows operating system.
• High customization, it means you can set your own flavors of working.
• Many Ubuntu flavors are readily available.
• Online Ubuntu community is available to help you out in any problem.
• Minimum hardware is required to install Ubuntu.
• Lots of free software in software centers.

Installation Requirements

Ensure the following technical requirements are in place before starting the installation:

• connect your computer system to an uninterrupted power source,
• ensure that your computer has at least 25GB of free disk storage space,
• make a bootable DVD or a USB flash drive of latest version of Ubuntu. Here we are taking the Ubuntu version 18.04,
• make sure to take data backup before starting the fresh installation.

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